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List of Abbreviations and Works Cited

Abbreviation List of Swedenborg's Works Cited
AC Arcana Caelestia
AE Apocalypse Explained
AR Apocalypse Revealed
Ath Athanasian Creed
BE Brief Exposition
Canons Canons of the New Church
Charity Doctrine of Charity
CL Conjugial Love
CLJ Continuation of the Last Judgment
Consum Consummation of the Age
Conv Conversations with Angels
Coro Coronis
De Conj De Conjugio
DLW Divine Love and Wisdom
DP Divine Providence
Dom De Domino
D Love Divine Love
D Wis Divine Wisdom
Ecc Hist Sketch of an Ecclesiastical History of the New Church
EU Earths in the Universe
Faith Doctrine of Faith
5 Mem Five Memorable Relations
HD New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine
HH Heaven and Hell
Hist Crea History of Creation
Idea Angelic Idea of Creation
Inv Invitation to the New Church
ISB Intercourse of the Soul and the Body (aka Influx)
Jus Justification and Good Works
Life Doctrine of Life
LJ Last Judgment
LJP Last Judgment Posthumous
Lord Doctrine of the Lord
PP Prophets and Psalms
Q Nine Questions
SC Scriptural Confirmations
SE Spiritual Experiences
SE#m Spiritual Experiences Minor
SS Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture
TCR True Christian Religion
TCRadd Additions to the True Christian Religion
WH White Horse
WHapp Appendix to the White Horse
Verbo De Verbo