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College Letter No. XI
January 1st, 1892

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For Private use of Members of the Academy of the New Church. Please read carefully, and return, when read, immediately to the undersigned.

No. XI, __ Philadelphia, January 1st, 1892=122.

DEAR FRIEND: The results of the worship conducted by the Academy in Philadelphia amply confirm the wisdom of the decision of the Council last summer. Under the care and guidance of Bishop Pendleton the Sunday sermons have treated seriatim of subjects concerning which the minds of the attendants on the worship are prepared by the home-reading in the Arcana Cœlestia, according to the Calendar of the General Church. The sermons have thus led to a more earnest study of the sublime truths revealed. At the same time that there has been this growing intelligence in the Doctrines, the externals of worship have been more fully developed. One of the great uses which are being performed as growing out of strictly Academic work, is the reading of the lessons from the Writings and the Word, from the original tongues, the ministers who thus read them translating into English for the audience. Occasionally the Hebrew words themselves are pronounced, the text of the sermon especially being read in Hebrew and in English. In this way the doctrine concerning the angelically associative power of the Word in Hebrew, is applied to life in our common worship, and we hope that a like application will be made more and more in the family devotions, as suggested in the Calendar for the coming year.

The Friday evening classes, instituted by Bishop Pendleton, are also performing a needed use, in enabling all adults to acquire a knowledge of Latin, Hebrew, Anatomy, and Doctrine, and the unmarried ladies a knowledge of some of the rudiments of child-education. The classes are well attended, especially the one in Doctrine, which is conducted by Bishop Pendleton himself.

In the schools also, the needs of the adults have been met by throwing open to them the Monday and Wednesday morning lectures on Theology, History, and Language.


THE COLLEGE has endeavored to perfect the use which it is endeavoring to perform in the issuing of these Letters, by furnishing to the various Centres where, by direction of the Council, sets of the Letters are kept, with binders in which they can be preserved in the best shape for reference by the members of the Academy. The following gentlemen are charged with the care of these sets:

In Philadelphia, the Chancellor, the Secretary of the Council, and the Corresponding Secretary of the College.

In Pittsburgh, Collegiate Whitehead.

In London, Councillor Bostock and Collegiate Tilson.

Particular care is taken of these sets. They are kept in appropriate receptacles, bearing on the outside, directions, that in case of the death of those holding them they shall be forwarded, unexamined, to the proper authorities of the Academy in Philadelphia.


THE COLLEGE reports the revival of one of its special uses, the Orphanage.

Past experience has brought the conviction that the efforts to extend the operation of the Orphanage far and wide were premature and imprudent. It is a plain duty to provide for those of our own body, who, by the death of the father, may be left without the necessary assistance, pecuniary and otherwise. To extend subsidary uses beyond our borders may come in time, but this ought not to be done until the indications given by the Divine Providence plainly point to it.

The care of the widow and the fatherless is classed among the general uses of charity, and is commended both in the Doctrines and in the literal sense of the Word. In the Academy, whose members are bound together by a common love stronger than the merely natural affection of blood relationship—constituting them into a large family which performs common uses—and, in obedience to the Divine Law, abstains as far as possible from social intercourse with the world, where the LORD is not acknowledged—in the Academy we are especially dependent upon one another for mutual love, assistance, and comfort, both spiritual and natural, and whatever assistance is rendered in any form is simply such as brothers and sisters of a common family extend to one another from mutual love.

We are reminded of our duty toward the widow and the fatherless at the present time. It is known to the members of the Academy that one of our Collegiates, Mr. Samuel S. Carpenter, passed into the Spiritual World on August 13th, 1889, but it may not be equally well known that he was not a man of great earthly possessions.

It is the recognized duty of members of the Academy, as it is their privilege, to have their children educated in the schools of the Academy, and Mrs Carpenter unites with the College in the desire of having them so brought up. She has done, and is doing, everything in her power to provide for her children and herself, and for the past six months has had charge of the domestic affairs of Associate N. D. Pendleton, of Chicago. But to provide fully for the education of the children requires pecuniary assistance from the members of our body. The Treasurer of the Orphanage, Mr. Henry Schill, No. 2517 Continental Avenue, Philadelphia, has, therefore, renewed the appointment, as Collectors for this use, of the following-named gentlemen: Mr. Arthur C. V. Schott, of Pittsburgh; Mr. Seymour G. Nelson, of Chicago; Mr. Henry Stroh, of Berlin; to whom, or to Mr. Schill direct, all contributions for this use should be made.

The considerations that have been presented have led the College to communicate the intelligence concerning the revival of the Orphanage to the members of the Academy only, and not to make it public in New Church Life, although, if others incidentally learn of the use, and are moved to contribute to it, their assistance will be gladly welcomed.

It may be mentioned that Mr. Carpenter had acquired a valuable New Church library, which his wife sent to the Academy Book Room for sale. A number of the books have been sold, and a list of those still remaining will be sent to any one on application to the agent, Mr. Carl Hj. Asplundh.


COLLEGIATE Wælchli contributes the following account to the Letter:

"A meeting was held on the 25th of August, 1891=122, at the house of Mr. Richard Roschman. All the Berlin members, and also Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dœring, of Milverton, and Miss Evelyn Plummer, of Philadelphia, were present.

"The meeting was opened by all repeating the LORD'S Prayer, and then the Faith of the New Heaven and of the New Church. The third Selection from the Liturgy was then sung. Then followed the reading of a part of the new College Letter. After this some of the Academy songs were practiced, and then, wine and cake having been brought in, the following toasts were drunk:

"1. Our Church, the Academy.—Responded to by the Rev. F. E. Wælchli.

"2. The Priesthood of the Academy.—Responded to by the Rev. J. E. Rosenqvist.

"3. The Schools of the Academy.—Responded to by Mr. Henry Stroh.

"4. The Church in Canada—Responded to by Mr. Henry Doering.

"5. The General Church of the Advent of the LORD.—Responded to by Mr. Rudolph Roschman.

"6. The Chancellor.—Responded to by Mr. Richard Roschman.

"7. The Vice-Chancellor.—Responded to by the Rev. Messrs. Waelchli and Rosenqvist.

"8. Mr. Rosenqvist's Ordination into the First Degree of the Priesthood.—Responded to by the Rev. Mr. Rosenqvist.

"9. Mr. Wælchli's Ordination into the Second Degree of the Priesthood.—Responded to by Mr. Rudolph Roschman.

"ON the 14th of September the Academy members met at the house of Mrs. Theodore Bellinger, having been invited to partake of an Academy Supper. Besides the Berlin members present, there were also with us on this occasion the Rev. E. S. Hyatt, of Parkdale; the Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Synnestvedt, of Philadelphia, and Miss Minnie Dœring, of Milverton.

"At seven o'clock we took our places at the table and remained at the same until after ten. It had been arranged that all toasts on this occasion should have reference to Conjugial Love.

"The first toast was 'The Academy,' to which Associate E. S. Hyatt responded. He spoke of the Academy as our Church. In order that it may be a Church there must be in it the conjugial of good and truth, which exists when the truth is carried out into life.

"The second toast was 'The Academy in the Home,' responded to by Associate Homer Synnestvedt. He showed that the Church is in the home in the degree in which husband and wife are in love truly conjugial.

"The third toast was 'The Use of Conjugial Love,' which was responded to by Collegiate F. E. Wælchli. The importance of the procreation of offspring for the sake of the increase of the Church and the filling of the heavens was pointed out. Also that in the degree in which husband and wife are in the true love of performing this use, will they also be blessed with spiritual offspring which are things of love and wisdom.

"The fourth toast was 'The Education of Children for Conjugial Love,' to which Associate J. E. Rosenqvist responded. He showed that in true New Church education Conjugial Love is the end which must most eminently be in view. By request Mr. Rosenqvist also read a song which he had composed in honor of the Academy, for which, however, he had not found appropriate music.

"A DELIGHTFUL Academy meeting was held on the 22d of September, at the house of Mr. Rudolph Roschman. The meeting was held in honor of the presence with us of Councillor Glenn and Associate Walker, of Philadelphia. Besides these visitors there were also with us the Rev. E. S. Hyatt, the Rev. and Mrs. Homer Synnestvedt, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dœring, and Miss Minnie Dœring.

"The meeting was opened in the same way as was the one held on the 25th of August. The reading of the College Letter was continued, and after a part was read the company were invited into the dining-room to partake of refreshments. The following toasts were drunk in the course of the evening

"1. The Council of the Academy.—Responded to by Councillor Glenn.

"2. The Final Victory (referring to the Canada Association meeting just ended).—Responded to by the Rev. Rev. J. E. Rosenqvist.

"3. The General Church of the LORD.—Responded to by the Rev. E. S. Hyatt.

"4. The Schools in Philadelphia.—Responded to by the Rev. H. Synnestvedt.

"5. The Academy School in Berlin.—Responded to by Mr. Rudolph Roschman.

"6. Father Benade.—Responded to by Mr. Reuben Walker.

"7. Our Visitors.—Responded to by the Rev. F. E. Wælchli and by Councillor Glenn.

"This meeting was undoubtedly the most enjoyable the Academy has ever had in Berlin, and will always be remembered by us all."


COLLEGIATE Whitehead contributes the following to the Letter:

"The last College Letter was received by me whilst I was spending my vacation in the country, so that it was some time before a meeting could be called to read it.

"On October 22d a meeting was called for the purpose of reading it, at the house of the Rev. John Whitehead. There were twelve members present. The meeting was opened with Divine Worship, the reading being from Isaiah liv, and The True Christian Religion, n. 774. Selection 50 was also sung, after which the College Letter was read.

"After the reading of the Letter the company adjourned to the dining-room, where they partook of refreshments. Toasts were proposed to the Academy, the Chancellor, and to the Schools. To the latter toast the song 'Alma Mater' was sung, after which the company dispersed to their respective homes. There was very little conversation on the subject-matter of the Letter."


IT was erroneously stated in the last College Letter that the Chancellor ordained Candidates Synnestvedt and Rosenqvist into the first degree of the Priesthood, and installed Ministers Price, Odhner, and Waelchli into the second degree of the same. It was the Vice-Chancellor, Bishop Pendleton, that performed these functions, after which the Chancellor announced the names of those who constitute the Priesthood of the Academy of the New Church. The name of Mr. Rosenqvist's babe is Joel Benade. He was born on July 23d, not 21st. Ora Evelyn Stroh was born on July 21st.


FREDA Jungé, Boston, Mass., June 18th; Oriel Asplundh, Philadelphia June 28th (since deceased); Walter Lucius Whitehead, Allegheny, Pa., July 5th; Korath Wells, Moreland Township, Montgomery County, Pa., July 5th; Olive Theodora McQueen, Colchester, England, July 25th; Victor Wælchli, Berlin, Ont., Canada, September 5th; Theodore Whittington, London, England, September 10th; Phyllis Price, Philadelphia, September 14th; Ersa Smith, Philadelphia, November 5th; Chara Maria Schott, Pittsburgh, November 12th; Winfred Hyatt, Parkdale, Ont., Canada, November 19th; Bostock, London, England, November 25th.


THE COUNCIL intends to remove the Philadelphia schools to the country; the location decided upon is in Moreland Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The Academy has not come into possession of the land as yet, but Mr. John Pitcairn has bought a tract, adjoining Cairnwood, and close to the Newtown Railroad, in the vicinity of Paper Mills station, and about a mile from Bethayres Station of the Bound Brook Railroad. A portion of the land just acquired by him will probably, in the not far distant future, pass into the hands of the Academy.

Eugene J. E. Schreck
Corresponding Secretary

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