The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 07

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<p.13 title “MATUSALE” crossed out with a single line, over which title “Canterbury Panel” is written, and then the words, “Extra fine”>

<hand-drawn five-pointed star beneath above text followed by the text below>
copied from record of Oct 1, 1927
Dec 14, 1927

<fig.4 tracing of glass cut, somewhat liver shaped>

<crossed out - "ARE"> A RED BROWN TRACING

COLOR USED Composed of 2 parts Mediaeval Red
1 part Mediaeval Black
1 ½ green white glass
green - white glass later discarded

The paint was mixed with the heavier oxidized turpentine until the mass was well saturated but it has only a dull gloss

Then it was diluted with thin turpentine and in working the brush was dipped in – 10 day stirred three times a day in warm weather oxidized turpentine

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