The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 27

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March 2, 1928

Radagonde Panel
Treatment of Blues

1st coat water on the back with a brush. Put a good deal of water on

2 Mix Backing with the thinnest oxidized turpentine – a quart of this was started Jan 18, 1928, and it was stirred with few exceptions 3 times a day each time it was stirred thoroughly 100 times: therefore at this writing it has been stirred, I believe fully 10,000 times. Mix this turpentine with the color, and keep on grinding the paint for some time; adding plenty of turpentine. Now take the end of a tooth brush and spatter the color very finely over the water <right directed arrow, with fig.7 to right, horizontal view of table with glass on top>

on the top of the glass.
If the paint mixes with the water add a little of very sticky turpentine –

3rd now spatter with the Golden Texture

4th now spatter with the Olive Texture

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