The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 32

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G Section
Pounced Modelling Clay Backing mixed with oxidized turpentine on both sides of reds and blues and all colors on white border next to iron work put golden texture on heavier.

Clear spaces left – films not put on heavily

Pounced Olive texture on front of reds and Blues

Pounced Golden texture on back of reds and blues and some of the front here and there

Mixed paint 1 part Mediaeval Black
1 part Mediaeval Red until mass was well saturated but not shiny
Mixed it with rather thick oxidized turpentine diluted with ordinary turpentine – worked finely surface began to get dry some time after paint was put on. Put paint in a little porcelain cup. Keep tin foil lik on when not dipping into it.

Mixed paint 2 parts Mediaeval Black
1 part Mediaeval Red
Note paint to black not translucent enough. Films a little thin, see other page

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