The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 49

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March 19, 1928
Radagonde Panel
Flight into Egypt virgin panel
Blue pieces for panckground no 60 – 62 – 64 <all three noted above as glass 228. Also noted below as glass 228 are the following panels>
160 – 152 – 153 – 154 –171

<Left margin the word “Back” with large left bracket encompassing rest of text of page>

Modelling Clay Backing mixed with thin oxidized turpentine coated around edges on back of blues
Centres of glass coated with water over back – around edges of course it would not stay –
Modelling Clay Backing mixed with thin oxidized turpentine and a little ordinary “Fatty” turpentine added – not oxidized – spattered on top of water –
<Olive and Golden Textures connected with two-ended arrow - interchangeable?>
Olive texture spattered on same water – not too much of it
Golden texture spattered on top of same water
Modelling Clay Backing again spattered on same water.
Pieces one by one knocked against table to break the film off and put on stove to dry.

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