The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 59

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< - in left margin - “NEAREST TO RADAGONDE TEXTURE”>
March 28,1928 [sample] practically a perfect match
see also pages 274-275 part 4 Black Med // 3 Med Red
Description of system of filming
for chancel clerestory.

<in box text “This system came the nearest to matching the Radagonde panel”>

Have tracing color fired in first
Now take Modelling Clay Backing and mix it with ordinary “Fatty” turpentine until the mass is somewhat shiny. Now add oxidized turpentine thin Jan-Mar stirred 13000 times – mix this with the paint until it is fairly liquid and spreads on the slab. Add more ordinary thin turpentine. To work this dilute with thin oxidized turpentine. Spatter with a toothbrush on part of one delicately – putting more in some places than others. This paint will now flatten into a film. Some places pretty substantial – some places hardly any.

Now take a mixture of 3 parts Olive texture one part Golden Texture and mix it until the mass is shiny with Fatty turpentine. Dilute with thin turpentine – grind finely spatter irregularly on front after film has

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