The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 61

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continued from page 82
mix the paint composed of 3 parts Modelling Clay Backing and 1 part Golden Texture, adding ordinary fatty turpentine until the mass is well saturated – dilute and grind up with thin turpentine. The fine result I just obtained I got too much fat oil in and the thin turpentine must have been a little thick – so I mixed up and through 4 grammes using new thin turpentine adding this and the other together the result was fine system for the back

<fig.19 brush flicking palette knife on surface described to right as follows>

Annunciation Chancel Clerestory Panel treated this way or rather by hitting brush on top of palette knife went over spatter work with an artist’s bristle brush before the film was put on. Film spattered on afterward.

Film on front of Annunciation border M.C.Backing ground in a little turpentine in order grind then mixed with oxidized turpentine stirred 13000 times and a little fat oil
Clear spaces left frequently. Where too much clear space was left ewnt over it with a brush afterward using small toothbrush.

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