The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 80

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April 19th 1928 fired a little light

Radegonde Panel
Restored pieces in centre

Ground up 3 Olive Texture
1 Golden Texture
in ore grinder with turpentine, ground quite a while, diluted with a little turpentine and a little oxidized turpentine spattered with an artist’s bristle paint brush – mainly in centre of pieces on the front – put brush on a palette knife to knock off pats of color – the same material put around edges.

Spattered 3 Modelling Clay Backing
1 Golden Texture on back color ground in turpentine quite a while in ore grinder. A little fat oil was added and for spattering a little turpentine was added. The spattered flecks were quite fine. When nearly dry I rubbed my finger over the spattered flecks make clear spaces here and there.
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