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Eber was the name of an actual person, as well as the name of a nation of his descendants, who founded the Second Ancient Church. This is also called the Hebrew Church, after its founder (AC 1238).

As the Ancient Church declined, the significative and representative things that had been handed down to them from the Most Ancient Church were being turned into idolatry and magic. So to prevent the Ancient Church from going into complete ruin, the Lord permitted representative and significative worship to be re-established by Eber (AC 1241). This began in Syria, where Eber started the Hebrew Church, a new church with a new type of external worship. From Syria, this Second Ancient Church spread to many surrounding nations, especially Canaan (AC 1238).

Internally, the worship of the Hebrew Church came from the same origin as that of the First Ancient Church; both consisted of the perceptive findings of the Most Ancient Church collected by Enoch and others (AC 1241). But the worship of the Hebrew Church consisted mostly of externals, including priestly offices, high places, groves, statues, and anointing (AC 1241). When building this Second Ancient Church, Eber added to and changed the external worship of the First Ancient Church (AC 1241). The most significant change was the addition of sacrifices, which the First Ancient Church had known nothing about. The people of the Hebrew Church exalted sacrifices above all other rites (AC 1241). Their sacrifices, together with their calling the Lord “Jehovah,” were the chief characteristics of the Hebrew Church (AC 1343).

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