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Enoch, Son of Cain

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“Cain” is not the name of an actual person, but the name of a heretical sect of the Most Ancient Church that separated faith from love (AC 337). When these people developed their heresy further and produced another schism, the church that resulted was called “Enoch” (AC 399). Thus “Enoch” was not the name of an individual, but the name of a schism or heresy (AC 403, AC 331). In turn, the heresy of Enoch was developed even further, producing another called “Irad” (AC 404). The church called Enoch and described as “the son of Cain” held doctrines that differed from those of another church called Enoch, but described as one who “walked with God” (the Enoch who “walked with God” was a descendant of Seth, not Cain) (AC 485).

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Passages relating to Enoch (Son of Cain) and the Ancient Churches:

AC 331; AC 337; AC 399; AC 400; AC 401; AC 403; AC 404; AC 485
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