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“Enosh” was not the name of an actual person, but the name given to the third of the three particular churches that made up the Most Ancient Church (Adam, Seth and Enosh) (AC 463). This church considered charity to be the primary element of faith, and their worship was derived from this charity (AC 438). The church called Enosh was the last, the least celestial, and therefore the least perceptive of the three churches that constituted the Most Ancient Church (AC 502, AC 505). This church was in existence at the same time as the church called “Noah” (AC 640).

See also:

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Passages relating to Enosh and the Ancient Churches:

AC 324; AC 336; AC 436; AC 438; AC 439; AC 463; AC 477; AC 483; AC 496; AC 498; AC 500; AC 502; AC 505; AC 640; AC 1125; AC 7120
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