The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 02

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December 13 1927 continued 2nd page

The tone as it was pounced on left almost clear spaces here and there

Pounced on the Front overtop of the film just described

Olive <large bracket - { with smaller bracket included> 1 part <sm bracket - { with 2 lines of text to right> 12 parts Jet of April 19, 1927.
1 Burnt Modelling Clay
TEXTURE 1 part Mediaeval Black  

Instead of putting this <OII crossed out> OLIVE TONE arround the corners I put it here and there getting a “lost and found effect’ – in other words I put the OLIVE TONE on in patches

This was produced by miltitudes of little texture spots — some places these texture spots were made big

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