The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 01

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<upper right corner note, “see page 53 for notes”>

<text continues with figures indicated by fig #>

Matusale - Sample panel at bottom of window.

Filming - Result - extra fine

<fig 1 series of 3 round arches dated “Dec 13 1927">

<text below fig 1> White border and leaves

Put halfstone on first composed of

<at left three parallel lines, halftone film between upper two lines, “LEAD” to right of lines, large right parenthesis with handwritten note “changed this” running into right margin text>

1 part Medieval Black
1 part Modelling Clay Backing

<back to margin left> Modelling Clay Backing pounced with nail polisher on both sides using a good deal of 10 day oxidized turpentine, i.e. turpentine exposed to air and stirred every day for 10 days – Some places I made an almost flat tone by pressing hard on the nail polisher <fig 2 hand drawn nail polisher labeled as such on image>
Nail polisher covered with kidskin – undressed I believe <artist’s note to “over”>

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