The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 04

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<fig 3 upper left corner, labeled: "rubbing of painted head early 12th century">

Primitive Glass Paint
copied from Data dated August 4 1927
recorded here Dec 13 1927

This head is at the style as the very earliest stained glass - it is almost exactly at the same character as the painting on the Ascension Window at LeMans and the painting on the St. Lawrence window, I think it is at the east end of the Cathedrat at Poitiers France

This paint contains a high glass content is piled on thick, is not ground real perfectly fine – and it is executed in a highly conventionalized fashion. It is practically in a perfect state of preservation, withstanding the ravages of time better than 13th Century work

The glass is almost a natural flesh tone and the paint looked blackish brown on the surface when wet and about black when looking through it.

I produced practically the same paint
see following receipt called PRIMITIVE GLASS PAINT

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