The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 24

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Paint Feb 28 4 Parts Med Red
5 Parts Med Black
Textures for Radagonde Panel

Front   3 parts by weight Modelling Clay Backing
    3 parts by weight Golden Texture
as near a perfect match as it is possible to get I believe   1 part by weight Olive Texture
Back   4 parts Modelling Clay Backing
    4 parts Golden Texture
    1 part Olive Texture

Rub an almost invisible film mixed with the thicker oxidized turpentine with your finger on the back and front of glass – it would be best to let this get pretty dry – now spatter water on with part of a hair brush, putting lots of water on – especially where you want the light places to be – now spatter the above color using a part of a small tooth brush to make very fine pit marks – this to be mixed with the thinnest oxidized turpentine – if there are not enough light places – spatter water over the top – hold up to the light to see if you have enough on.

The tiny specks spread onto the water and these films break
apart leaving the desired light spaces between the texture marks
after the water has been spattered on the paint, give it a circular shake.

<two lines squeezed in bottom of page, hard to decipher - blank, blank “border – water put on with brush first, then color with a lot of turpentine” two crossed out words “touched to the water making a thin film”>

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