The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 25

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March 1st 1928 same paint as on page 35
Note: Mix paint with glass mallet – gather with wooden knife

Spatter water on book – putting on extra large amount on here and there, and possibly around edges – spatter water on again in a little while – knock the glass against table a couple of times. <cross outs> Coat a film (the film should leave some glass clean go over this afterward with a very fine film) of paint for front described on page 35 mix it with the thinnest oxidized turpentine – but keeping the paint in a thickish state – make tone deeper around edges. Now using this same paint in a thickish stage, spatter here and there on front.

The Blues were spattered with water then spattered with the paint in a thickish state. This was O.K. – it wasn’t necessary to spatter water again.

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