The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 29

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< notes along left side margin as follows: “Tracing 2 Black Mediaeval, 1 Mediaeval Red, Make slightly more red, sorry 12 black, 9 red, try this for a perfect match” - best as scribe can make out>

<At top of page> This is the closest to the Radagonde Panel March 3 1928 Treatment of piece of white

Back Put water all over back. Mix Backing with thin oxidized turpentine. See page 38, and thicker turpentine if necessary – that is if color breaks with and mixes with the water, add more turpentine until the color most of it stays in little round marks.

2nd Spatter Golden Texture

3rd Spatter Olive Texture

If there is not enough body spatter Backing again

Now Knock this against the side of the table – the water left on dried will make a crack and a clear space will occur.

Put Backing around edges to soften the glass into the lead.

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