The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 30

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Front –

– Mix Olive Texture with the third grade of oxidized turpentine – this is not thick nor thin either, now coat Olive Texture over the surface – leaving clear spaces here and there. Note this leaves near edges. Make this film rather <scribe cannot make out last word>

– Mix a little Golden Texture with the Olive Texture here and there.

– Now take Olive Texture and a good watercolor brush and put pit marks here and there

Radagonde (continued)

Backing put piece of drapery around edges on back.
Coat Backing mixed with a
good deal of thin oxidized
turpentine – irregularly on
front – coat Olive Texture
around edges. Spatter Golden
Texture mixed with a little
thin oxidized turpentine over
surface - this be in a thick state


Coat water on back
Spatter Backing on mixed with thin
oxidized turpentine – the paint was
already mixed
Spatter Golden Texture as this was
mixed only with thin oxidized turpentine.
Spatter Olive Texture on
hit glass against table Spatter water
on top

Half tone film 8 Backing, 4 Golden and 2 Olive

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