The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 34

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Tracing and half tone films.
Mix paint until mass is well saturated with the thicker oxidized turpentine
– but mass not shiny – a dull gloss or drysish – dilute with a little ordinary thin turpentine, then add 30 day oxidized turpentine, then add 30 day oxidized turpentine. If paint gets too oily add more dry paint.

Used No. 1 tracing fine French Brushes Drakenfeld & Co. Did not cut it down with a razor.
Put paint in a little glass bottle cut off
<fig.8 side view of bottle broken off top shown full size, decanted into second bottle> Dipped into this and slanted bottle worked finely. Did not dry too fast or get full of dust.

Halftone film – 1 part Mediaeval Black and 2 parts Modelling Clay Backing

Use thicker oxidized turpentine until was in dryish clots – then added, I think it was the thin 30 ay oxidized turpentine. Used regular tracing brush described above. Drag brush over so to make delicate film<undecipherable, fig.9 side view brush on glass for tracing>

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