The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 35

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<written on diagonal, solid text as follows>
Filming Matusale Jan 7, 1928
Traced it – but film (half tone) film composed of 2 parts Mod. Clay Backing and one of Med. Black – on both sides mixed with oxidized turpentinedry clots with the thicker oxidized turpentine – dilute with the thinner, not real thin. Mixed Olive tone with thin oxidized <real thin> turpentine and pounced on both sides – heavier on back – Have 3 slots <slabs?> – on one have paint thickish, have a good gob on 2nd plate and only oil on third. Dip into gob on 2nd plate. Pounce into material on glass, now dip onto the plate with only oil through oxidized turpentine on it and pounce on front this makes a thin rather flattish film. Over

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