The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 39

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Extra fine effect full of life and sparkle

Filming Blues Jan 13 1928
“For Matusale”

(1) Put Backing along edges on back

(2) and here and there in round marks over the surface group put mark effect and having same come to outside of glass – Don’t let these get too heavy – used thin oxidized turpentine (30 day stirred 3 times a day)

(3) Now mix with Backing (Modelling Clay Backing) a little thin turpentineand make pit mark effects - this ought to be lighter than the no.2 effect and it will flatten out the thin turpentine and make a frosty-like texture.

(4) Take Japanese watercolor brush and mix modelling clay backing with oxidized turpentine and coat thinly over the front a film – Pull the brush one way then before film is dry pull it the other way, leave a bare space here and there –

(5) Now put some backing as described in No 3 mixed with thin turpentine as

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