The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 40

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well as oxidized and put round marks in groups on top of the film. This will spread making a delightful texture.

(6) Now Put the Golden texture 12 parts Jet / 1 Burnt Modelling Clay, on in found pit mark effects here and there in groups – also on the front put tiny round pit marks here and there scattered.

(7) Now take Olive Texture 1 part (12 Jet/1 Burnt mod clay) and 1 Part Mediaeval Black, and put it around the outside on the front rounding the corners and drawing a line freely here and there to melt it into the lead

(8) Put olive tone in <word?> touches here and there on the back.

<f.11, some decorative detail in margin with OK at bottom, at bottom> Praise the Lord this is honest craftsmanship. Fires on bluer at 1100 Fahrenheit

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