The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 43

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Jan 26 1928 If close with sunlight on it looks reddish. Fires warm brown not but with slight on it.
Sample of drapery paint 2 Mediaevel Red
1 Mediaeval Black
Oxidized turpentine (thicker kind)
Mixed with paint until it was dryish and sticky. Diluted with thin turpentine then thick oxidized turpentine added. This works finely

<written in left margin “Cant be improved on.”>
Film for half tone between painted lines
Half Tone Film 8 parts by weight Modelling Clay Backing
4 parts Mediaeval Black
2 parts Golden Texture
mixed with the oxidized turpentine. Which was not the thinnest until the mass was shiny. Diluted with the thinnest oxidized turpentine and put on with the tracing brush.

Put on front and back. Fires a warm greyish tint – rather delicate but strong enough.

The rest of the filming done same system as blues Page 59

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