The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 47

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Radagonde Grisaille continued
Olive texture put around edges and little dots put on with same for the first fire.
<line, above line seems to belong to text at bottom of page, scribe confused>

For the right side mixed paint 4 Black grammes
3 Red
With 30 day oxidized turpentine somewhat thick until
Color was in dryish cakes.
Then added a good deal of the thin oxidized turpentine. This latter was 8 times 300 times a day for about two months Feb & March 1928

coated over unfired tracing described above. Olive texture mixed with a little “fatty” turpentine until the mass of paint was in dryish clots – diluted with the 2 months stirred 13000 times Jan to March oxidized turpentine <some note from above>. Coated on irregularly with a Japanese watercolor brush <fig.14 front view of brush> using lots of the thin oxidized turpentine – this forms a texture all its own March 21, 1928 over

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