The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 71

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Zacharias & Wisemen Panels Chancel Clerestory

Tracing Color 5 Mediaeval Black
4 Mediaeval Red

Half Tone Film 8 Modelling Clay Backing
4 Mediaeval Black
2 Golden Texture

See page 294 for pit mark tone on back.

When I traced the whites, I put little dots in the clear spaces with brush
On the whites I spattered front and back
3 Modelling Clay Backing
1 Golden Texture
and used this same mixture for the film for front and back

on the blues and other colors, spattered Modelling Clay Backing only

I did the spattering with a bristle brush rubbing it on my finger and holding the brush close to the glass. I left clear spaces here and there on both front and back and varied the tone.

Grind this paint up in the thinnest oxidized turpentine then add a good

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