The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 74

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April 12, 1928

system actually followed for doing Annunciation Panel for Chancel Clerestory.


I mixed 3 parts Modelling Backing and
1 part Golden Texture together
and added turpentine, ordinary turpentine, as I recollect, and ground in the ore grinder I may have added a little fatty turpentine but I don’t remember.

I spattered the above material on the back of the glass using a bristle brush such as artist’s paint with about this size <fig.23 brush head>. I got the paint onto the brush and hit the furrel on the palette knife <fig.24 shows technique>. This keeps too many fine particles from falling ont the glass. This dries pretty quickly – afterward I took a bristle brush and rubbed over the back to make clear spaces here and there.

Following the above I spattered on with a tooth brush as I recollect, over to p.274.

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