The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 77

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April 25, 1928
Wisemen and Zacharias Panel

Paint 5 Mediaeval Black
4 Mediaeval Red

Paint mixed with a tiny amount ordinary fatty turpentine and ground up for about two hours with oxidized turpentine stirred 13000 times took 2 months to make it (Jan & March)

<left margin note: “Half Tone 8 Burnt Mod. Clay, 4 Med. Black, 2 Golden Texture, ground up with turpentine diluted a little fatty turpentine added and a little oxidized turpentine.”>

Diluted for working with 13000 times stirred oxidized turpentine.
<unclear word> finely but probably there was little too much oil as slight disturbances occurred, not harmful at all

3 Modelling Clay, 1 part Golden Texture
mixed with a little fatty turpentine and 13000 times stirred oxidized turpentine – diluted with thin turpentine spattered this over back of whole panel together – hitting large bristle brush full of paint on a piece of iron.

<figs.25&26 brush and piece of iron respectively> worked finely also on Zacharias and Angel panel.

Rubbed back of blues here and there with my finger to make clear spaces after spattering

Modelling clay backing ground up with turpentine as I recollect, then a little fatty turpentine was added – diluted with oxidized turpentine

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