The Making of the Glencairn Methuselah Window: Page 78

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Wisemen & Zacharias Panels

2 panels selection of glass took about 18 hours
tracing and half tone films 31
Filming 18 <calculation of total 67, 21671.33, money?>

May 4 1928
<in box – “Whites on Mary and Christ Child and Mary and Elizabeth spattered Golden texture on front here and there this warmth gives a fine effect to the whites. 3 Mod. Clay, 1 Golden Texture front and back”>

<at right, fig.27 another brush image related to following text>
spattered with bristle brush delicately on back leaving clear spaces I just rubbe the brush against the end of my finger to do the spattering. The paint after spattering spreads making a delicate film.

I used the Backing as a film float and back on blues, ? reds, yellows, pinks etc. and olive – I used {3 backing and 1 Golden Texture, on all the whites front and back after spattering the front there were clear spaces here and there. I respattered the glass using oxidized turpentine and a good deal of ordinary turpentine slightly thickened even so I left clear spaces here and there.

I put {3 Olive texture and 1 Golden Texture around edges of reds and blues to soften into the lead – and spattered over the delicate white film this paint mixed with slightly thickened turpentine and a little oxidized turpentine to make the flecks of paint spread.

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