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cathedralarch.jpgThe amount of news coverage given to the recent discovery of a childhood photograph of Helen Keller, and a potentially “new” photograph of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, speaks to the power of historic images. has a large collection of historic photographs available online for those who visit the Web site. The New Church History Image Project currently has photographs organized into five albums, with a limitless capacity for the addition of future albums. Work is now in progress on a new album: “Early New Church Places of Worship.”

Each of the albums has an “Introduction to the Album,” as well as individual descriptions and relevant information for every photograph. This text is fully searchable. We invite our readers to visit and enjoy this section of the Web site. (A “Copyright Notice” alerts visitors to the rules regarding use of these photographs.)






Cairnwood Album 1900




Bryn Athyn Cathedral Construction




Glencairn Construction




Glassmaking in Bryn Athyn 
For those readers particularly interested in the “Glassmaking in Bryn Athyn” album, an event this Sunday (April 20) may be of interest. Glencairn Museum is hosting its third annual “Reflections of Faith: A Stained Glass Sunday at Glencairn,” with live demonstrations of glassblowing and glass painting. Glassblowing techniques used in the creation of Bryn Athyn Cathedral and Glencairn will be demonstrated. Information about this event is available at Glencairn Museum’s website.

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April 17, 2008 | Posted by: Ed and Kirsten Gyllenhaal in New Church History Fun Fact