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After the flood, the people of the Ancient Church were distinguished into three classes according to their states of good and truth (AC 3240). These three classes, which were called “Shem,” “Ham,” and “Japheth,” were the three parts of the Ancient Church: the internal, the internal but corrupted, and the external. “Japheth” was not an actual person, but was the name given to the group of people who formed the external of the Ancient Church (AC 1062). These people thought mostly about externals and little about internals, but they still performed works of charity and reverently observed external rites (AC 1062, AC 1098). Their external worship did, however, correspond to an internal. The people called Japheth lived in simplicity, in friendship, and in mutual charity, but they did not know any doctrinal teachings other than those that existed as external forms of ritual (AC 1141).

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Passages relating to Japheth and the Ancient Churches:

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