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“Kenan” was not the name of an actual person, but the name given to the fourth of the churches in line from the church called “Adam.” Its parent church was “Enosh,” and the church that followed it was called “Mahalalel” (AC 463). The primary difference between all of the churches descending from Adam was in the quality of their perception (AC 483). The church called “Kenan” represents a definite change in the quality of the descendants of Adam, and should not be placed in the same category as the three more perfect churches of Adam, Seth, and Enosh. It was at this point that the quality of perception, which had previously been very definite, started to become more general (AC 507). The people of Kenan could still perceive truths and goods, though now in a more general way (AC 508).

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Passages relating to Kenan and the Ancient Churches:

AC 463; AC 483; AC 500; AC 506; AC 507; AC 508
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