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Last Judgment

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Even though the Most Ancient Church was the most celestial of all churches, in process of time it degenerated so far from the good that flows from love that at last nothing celestial remained. At this point the church was consummated, which is described by the state of those people who lived just before the Flood (AC 2243). The Flood itself was the vastation and Last Judgment of the Most Ancient Church (AC 728, AC 1850). At that point the church passed away and a new church, the Ancient Church, was created (AC 1850). A remnant of the Most Ancient Church did survive the Flood, but the vastated parts of the church did not recognize that remnant as being part of the church (AC 407).

The Ancient Church, which was less celestial than the Most Ancient Church, eventually departed from the good that flows from charity, until at last no charity remained. It was partly turned into magic, partly into idolatry, and partly into a kind of dogmatic system separate from charity. At this point the Ancient Church was consummated (AC 2243). Again, a new church was created that was less celestial and less spiritual, called the Hebrew Church after its founder Eber (AC 1850, AC 2243). This church, too, was eventually distorted in various ways, and its characteristic form of external worship was turned into idolatry. Then came its consummation and Last Judgment (AC 2243, AC 1850). Less is known about about the fall, vastation, consummation, and Last Judgment of the Ancient Church and the Hebrew Church than is known about the Most Ancient Church, because the stories of these later churches are recorded in the Word only in summary (Coro 41).

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