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bh.jpgToday marks the one year anniversary of the launch of New Church History Fun Facts, a project of NewChurchHistory.org. The “fun facts” have appeared every ten days (on average) since August 23, 2006. An index appears online here, or you can read a complete list of past “fun facts” at the bottom of this page.

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New Church History Fun Facts from August 2006 – August 2007 (reverse order, starting with most recent):

The Importance of Hebrew in the Early Academy and General Church

Too Hot for Church This Summer? Attend Sunday Services out in the Country! (1891)

Cornerstone Laying Ceremony in Durban, South Africa (1923)

Rev. John Hargrove Delivers New Church Sermon before Jefferson and Congress (1802)

Cathedral Woodworking Shed Fire (1916)

New School House in Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario (1892)

Academy Girls School Graduation (1892)

Memorial Day at the Immanuel Church, Glenview, Illinois (1918)

Herman Faber and the Academy Lion (1877)

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Reflections of Faith: Making Stained Glass Windows for Bryn Athyn Cathedral and Glencairn

Tenth Anniversary Celebration of the Academy of the New Church at Seaside Resort (1886)

Easter Service in the Club House, April 15th, 1900

Riotous Mob Attacks New Church Temple (1791)

First New Church Place of Worship in the World (1791)

The Angel in the Mirror

Placement of Cornerstone for New Church Temple Causes Rev. William H. Benade to Resign (1854)

The Tomb of Jesper Swedberg at Varnhem Cloister (1736)

Valentine Parties in New Church Congregations (1882-1945)

Cairnwood Featured in New Book about Carrere and Hastings, Architects

319th Birthday of Emanuel Swedenborg

First New Jerusalem Temple in Philadelphia (1817)

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Glencairn Museum (January 16, 1982)

A New Year for the New Church? Not so fast!

The Great Santa Claus and Christmas Tree Debate (1888-1913)

Farmers Sell Land to John Pitcairn for New Church Community and School (1891)

A New Old Portrait of Emanuel Swedenborg (1817)

Swedenborg as Gardener

Bronze Bust of Swedenborg Disappears from Lincoln Park, Chicago; Police Baffled (1976)

Halloween Celebrations in Early New Church Congregations (1898-1900, 1958)

The First Celebration of Charter Day (1917)

347-Year-Old Tree Felled for Roof of Bryn Athyn Cathedral (1916)

Glencairn Cloister Features Twelve Capitals Carved with Symbolic Birds

Repository for the Word and the Writings of Swedenborg Returns to Cairnwood Chapel

Pinnacle of Bryn Athyn Cathedral Demolished by Bolt of Lightning (1924)

Photo of Bishop William Henry Benade and John Pitcairn in Jerusalem (1878)

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Photo: Don Rose in front of Benade Hall, circa 1909. (Name of dog unknown.) Photograph by Camille Vinet, in the collection of the Academy of the New Church Archives, Swedenborg Library, Bryn Athyn, PA.

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