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Adah and Zillah

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“Adah and Zillah” was a new church that arose at the point of “Lamech’s” destruction (AC 333). The heresy called “Cain” had acknowledged love, even though it made faith the chief thing of the church. But the descendants of Cain gradually strayed away from this until Lamech, the sixth of the churches in line from the church called Cain, finally rejected faith altogether. At this point, Adah and Zillah came into being (AC 409). Although Cain had separated and extinguished charity, faith was preserved by way of that church’s descendants (AC 434, AC 436). And through that faith, the Lord was able to give this new church called Adah and Zillah the holy things of love, the spiritual things of faith, and the natural good and truth that come from these (AC 436). Adah and Zillah possessed a new faith, which they called “Seth” (AC 434). This new faith made it possible for a new charity, which they called “Enosh,” to be implanted in that church (AC 435, AC 436). (This Seth and Enosh should not be confused with two completely different churches with the same names shown on Figure 1.)

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Passages relating to Adah and Zillah and the Ancient Churches:

AC 333; AC 405; AC 409; AC 412; AC 413; AC 421; AC 427; AC 434; AC 435; AC 436; AC 1242
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