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There were two churches called “Lamech” (AC 485). The first church called Lamech was the sixth, and final, church in the line of descent from the heresy called “Cain” (AC 405, AC 332). Although Cain had made faith the chief thing, it still acknowledged love. But the heresies descending from Cain gradually strayed even from this, until Lamech went so far as to reject faith altogether (AC 409). Cain did have some degree of good remaining within it, but the people called Lamech subsequently annihilated the faith of Cain and destroyed all charity (AC 384, AC 432). At this point, a new church was established that was called “Adah and Zillah” (AC 409).

“Lamech” was also the name of the ninth church in the line descending from the church called “Adam” (AC 465, AC 485). This Lamech is described as possessing practically nothing of the perception that was characteristic of the Most Ancient Church (AC 526, AC 467, AC 483). For this reason, Lamech was a vastated church that expired just before the flood (AC 532, AC 533). In a vastated church like Lamech, people must seek out what is true and do what is good from themselves or from their proprium, and the result is nothing but falsity and evil (AC 531). From this Lamech a new church arose called “Noah,” or the Ancient Church (AC 526, AC 531).

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Passages relating to Lamech and the Ancient Churches:

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